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Golden girl Imogen still has medals on her mind

She is still deciding whether to put herself forward for next year's Commonwealth Games, but Olympic gymnast Imogen Cairns, just having a decision to make is 'a bit of a result'.

The 24-year-old artistic gymnast has managed to achieve a cache of medals despite suffering competition-threatening ankle injuries early in her career.

“Every time a big competition comes up I think ‘are my ankles up to it this time’, said the three-times Commonwealth Gold Medal winner who represented Britain in last year’s London Olympics.

Keyhole surgery camera the first in Europe

BMI Priory Hospital has become the first in Europe to install keyhole surgery equipment that allows live operations to be viewed on an iPad  anywhere in the world.

Orthopaedic surgeons at the hospital have welcomed the new Synergy HD3 equipment saying it will put them at the cutting edge of keyhole surgery technology.

“As well as providing high definition 3D images, it also has an LED light source at the end of the arthroscope so everything remains visible and in full focus,” said consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Duncan Learmonth.




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